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Whatever you do, do it with light.


Illuminating spaces since 2010, we are Lighting Specialists who understand the transformative power of light within architectural and interior design spaces. Crafting more than a decade of lighting experiences across diverse settings, we pride ourselves on our holistic lighting approach by engaging with stakeholders early in the design phase, to ensure the right light for the right application.  

And just as with ever-increasing demands on:
  • quality, efficiency, innovation and sustainability
  • budget compliances
  • lead time
Luxspace rise to the occasion, committed to meeting and exceeding your expectations.
Our recommendations are tailored to your unique lighting needs, ensuring a perfect fit for every project.  

Luxspace thrive on building lasting bonds with all who enter our domain, igniting your illumination odyssey from the moment you walk through our doors.



Getting ready to ignite your space with an electrifying lighting scheme?

From conceptualization to realization, we have craft solutions that flawlessly fuse with your design vision, pushing every project to new heights.

Here’s how we do it:


Established conceptional ideas and design strategies to achieve the desired lighting objectives:

→ Design Deck & Schematic
→ Efficient and quality lighting selections
→ Budget compliance


Develop lighting design in more detail:

→ Identify hot & dark spot (uniformity)
→ Energy Efficiency & Green Mark
→ 3D Colour Rendering


Illuminating your space altogether, leaving a lasting impression that transcend the ordinary.

catch us @ our LUXLAB2.9

Powered by CASAMBI
We humbly invite you to our LuxLab2.9, our groundbreaking beacon of brilliance!
Step into a world where light dances in the 4th dimension, casting a warm and welcoming glow to our very first lighting lab!

With our extensive lighting portfolio from architectural to acoustics, to decorative lighting and beyond. We’ve curated an atmosphere that invites you – to not just observe, but to interact, experience, and explore endless possibilities of light.
Dive into the art of lighting layering, where every beam tells a story, and every shadow adds depth.

& visit our city space, 3TL

Bringing you closer to the heart of Singapore!
Step in to our concept store and experience the synergy of collaboration with our incredible partners, Flokk & Vescom!
Promising you a multisensory experience – from the interplay of illumination with different fabrics/textiles to the feel of ergonomically design chairs against one’s body. We’ll ensure that such encounter allows you to envision how these elements can harmoniously enhance your own spaces as well.

Still debating over to pop by our showrooms? Have no fear! We’ll make sure to ignite your passion and love for lighting!

And a chance to seek enlightenment, spark imagination and change your perception towards lighting design.

Our team of lighting wizards are equipped to offer their guidance and advice, making sure you are well taken care of.