Multiline Rekta 80


Rectangular lighting profile made of extruded aluminium, with dimensions 80x100mm. This profile has a thickness of 2mm, a weight of 2628 grams/meter and is available in lengths of up to 6 meter in one piece. When choosing optional coupler pieces (L-coupler 90 °, 2-way coupler 45-179 °, T-coupler 2×90 °, 3-way coupler 3×45-270 °, X-coupler 90 ° and 4-way coupler 4×45-225 °) the profiles are mitre cut.

The luminaire is suitable for LED boards in 2700, 3000, 4000 Kelvin or Tunable White 2700-6500 Kelvin, which are Zhaga-conform (book 7).

The profile is designed for ceiling mounting, suspended mounting by means of steel wires or rods, wall mounting (direct or with spacers) and trimless recessed installation by means of a finishing profile.

The profile internally has a number of ribs and slots that improve the rigidity and allow the LED boards to be mounted in the profile by means of a white-painted aluminium bracket. The LED boards can be affixed to the carrier profile by means of plastic rivets. For the indirect lighting, the LED boards are put into the profile by means of plastic rivets.

The LED boards are standard equipped with electronic drivers that are mounted into the profile under the LED boards. These drivers are also available in a DALI/TD dimmable version.

The bottom of the profile serves as a light-emitting opening and can be covered by a satin LED diffuser made of PMMA, a microprismatic diffuser (MPO) or a plain infill panel from aluminium. For the indirect lighting, the light-emitting opening is covered by a satin LED diffuser made of PMMA.

Every profile can optionally be equipped with self-testing (DALI) emergency modules with a 1- to 3-hour autonomy.

The profile can also be equipped with (pivotable) downlight modules of 3x1W or 4x1W in 2700, 3000 or 4000 Kelvin, motion detectors and/or daylight detectors and push switches (on/off and dimming). The profile has end caps without visible screws at both ends.

The lighting system is fully pre-assembled, pre-wired and made exactly as agreed when it is delivered on site, together with its mounting instructions.

As a standard, the profiles are delivered in anodised aluminium or in a RAL colour of choice, according to the polyester powder coating process.