Axolight – Bul-Bo XL


In 2019, the architects Fabrizio Pellegrino and Lodovico Gabetti, together with Giuseppe Scaturro and Magdalena Kirova, respectively CEO and art director of Axolight, created a maieutic laboratory (realistically based on the Socratic method of reaching a truth in an authentic way) with the aim of reconstructing the thought of Studio Gabetti and Isola, linked to the original design idea of the Bul-Bo lamp.

Among the foundations of this path, the direct stories of the architects Aimaro Isola and Guido Drocco (co-authors of Bul-Bo in 1971), the notes and original drawings of the studio, the memories of Lodovico Gabetti (son and pupil of Roberto Gabetti ) and Fabrizio Pellegrino (student of the Gabetti and Isola studio).